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Meet Latasha

Author, Worth Coach, Restoration Strategist and Motivational Speaker

You are successful, poised and a giver of self. You struggle with feelings of insignificance, fear, inadequacy and uncertainty. You seek validation but you’re only met with more self-doubt, shame and feeling unworthy. Unworthy of the life you thought you would live. What you need most is clarity and practicality which will allow you to move forward in your life. You need to see your circumstances as a pathway to your ultimate destiny. A path that will redefine your worth, break the chains of inadequacy and cast out the fear of making mistakes. Realize, mistakes are opportunities for triumph on the path to victory. Your light was never meant to be dim. Remove the cover off of the lamp-stand. Allow it to shine, you’re worthy. I understand because I once sat in your seat. I too struggled with my identity and worth. Once I swallowed my pride, I sought help and discovered the basic steps to recover from a skewed identify of myself. I want to save you the time and energy, pitfalls and mistakes with a 3-step process to recover what was lost inside of you. You possess the tools to be victorious. I want to help you unleash them!

The Journals

Worth More Than Rubies: A Guide to Restoring Your Worth After a Divorce

In the moments leading up to and following a divorce, you may endure the most potent form of rejection and hurt. The perfect gift for any women who is healing after a divorce, this journal provides a safe space to capture your negative feelings and thoughts, help you reflect on areas for improvement, and restore your sense of self-worth one day at a time. There are three sections throughout the journal with several questions in each section to guide you during your season of restoration. You will be encouraged to reflect on your past, release the negativity and pursue your passions.

Greater than Gold: A Guided Journal for Divorced Men

Are you feeling disconnected during the divorce recovery process? Are you suffering in silence? Greater than Gold is a guided journal with over 75 insightful and thought-provoking questions designed to encourage divorced men to understand their value. This journal provides a safe space to review the past, revise your perspective and restore your life in a healthy manner. Just like an antique vehicle, your life can be restored and shine like never before. As a matter of fact, your value will increase when you are restored. Allow this journal to take you on the journey and help you truly believe you are greater than gold!




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